Mini rail system

Miniature profile rail system of size 3 to 15 mm:

Wherever small size and high load capacity are required, miniature rail systems are used.

Smalltec this provides the sizes 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15 mm, additionally, each as wide version. The maximum single-piece length is 1000mm, in sizes 3 and 5mm only 300mm.
The sizes 3 and 5 mm also generally combined (rail and car) and have a correspondingly higher delivery time.

SS Series - with front seal: The standard seal effectively protects the carriage from dirt from the outside, thus ensuring the long product life cycle. Simultaneously, the seal acts internally and prevents grease leaks. The special design of the seal affects the frictional resistance only insignificantly.

The MR Miniature Linear Guides feature three preload classes: V0, VS and V1. The bias improves the rigidity, the torsional rigidity and precision.
Operating Temperatures: The MR Miniature Linear Guides operate in a temperature range of -40 ° C ~ + 80 ° C. Current temperatures up to + 100 ° C.

High strength and sustainability:
The MR Miniature Linear Guides have been developed with two ball rows. The design uses a gothic profile with a 45 ° contact angle to achieve in all directions the same carrying capacity within the available space. Since larger steel balls are used, the load capacity and torsional resistance increases

MR preload classes from stock Smalltec: bias VS = transition region (<0.01 C) for applications that must operate smoothly and at precisely
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