shafts in producer length 6m

In this category you will find Precision shafts in producer lengths or half lengths trading at a reasonable price per meter of Lineareasy. Caution decrease always possible as a complete commercial length, i.d.R. approximately 6 - 6,1m. In trading lengths located at each end of a short bar area are in the precision shaft can not be true to size. This end is cut usually.

Trade lengths Smalltec mostly based on h7 boundary layer Hardened and precision ground steel shafts in quality in tolerance h6, when mass hard-chromed material in tolerance h7. You have a choice between the quality Cf53 (1.1213 = not corrosion resistant, but high hardness min 59 HRC), CF53 with additional chromium layer on the outer surface, stainless X46Cr13 (1.4034) and the high-alloy X90CrMoV18 (1.4112) of preferably in the food industry and medical technology is used. Smalltec also provides Ø 2 to Ø 5mm unhardened steels in fixed length in the goodness and 1.4305 in h6 Quality.