Ball Screw

Ball screws from

Ball srews allows the implementation of a rotational movement into a longitudinal movement or vice versa, and is connected to the DIN 69051-1 (new standard: ISO 3408-1) normalized.

Compared to conventional screw drives with successive sliding parts, in which about 50 to 90% of the incoming power is converted to heat, have ballscrews
  • less friction (lower drive power, greater potential movement speed)
  • less stick-slip behavior (higher positioning accuracy)
  • less wear.
The higher costs are offset by benefits in use and a longer lifetime.
  • Producer Spindles and nuts = micron, Odessa (see the YouTube-Video below) - in stock Lineareasy.
  • Screw interfaces and assembly by Smalltec.
Here you can see a video from producer Spinlde and nut:

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