About us

Who is Lineareasy.com ?

Lineareasy.com is a domain from Smalltec GmbH & Co. KG. Smalltec started with the store www.smalltec.de in 2007. Since 01.01.2012 we changed in a GmbH & Co. KG. Since 01.10.2011 Smalltec offers at location D- 67308 Rüssingen its online service from their own plant with its own production .

What is the philosophy of Lineareasy / Smalltec ?

Linear Technical Products Cheap, Smart and Easy.

In the store www.smalltec.de we deliver to private persons also and without minimum order.

Smalltec is for every requirement within its Linear Technology assortment the right partner !


What products provides Lineareasy.com ?

- Induction hardened and groundes precision shafts in Cf53 ( 1.1213 ) , Cf53 + hard chrome plated , X46Cr13 ( 1.4034 ) , X90CrMoV18 ( 1.4112 ) from Ø 3  mm up to Ø 50mm cut to the desired length up to 6m .

Induction hardened and ground precision hollow shafts in the goodness C60 / 100Cr6 from Ø 16mm to Ø 50mm

All of the above precision shafts than 1/ 2 or full producer lengths to the meter price.

- predrilled Shafts in various grades and boring patterns .

- mini shafts Ø 2 - Ø 5mm in V2A (1.4305 = not hardened) with high polished surface quality and tolerances to h6 from Ø 2mm to 5mm Ø ;
- additionally Ø 3mm hardened in 100Cr6 available
Linear ball bearings KH, LME , SBE , SPM and SSEM for shafts Ø 6 mm - Ø 50mm

Ball bearigs with flange LMEF/LMEK , as a short - and long-version LMEF -L/LMEK-L

Linear housing of various types

- complete linear housing units of various types

- Flat cages row and angle - Series R and RW

- Track rollers for shafts Ø 4mm to 50mm Ø Series LFR ...

- Mini profil rail systems

- Profile rail guides

- Rails for predrilled shafts in length 600mm, series SMTSN and SMTSU with different wave grades

- Complete support rail units with mounted shaft


What sort of quality Smalltec ?

Precision shafts :

In the hardened and grounded precision shafts Smalltec exclusively accesses back to material originating Western Europe . Currently, the most complete inventory is Made in Germany ! All the shafts are generally finished on the surface in the last step, so you should generally expect from Smalltec scratch-free and burr-free surface. The delivery plants for the starting material Precision shafts certified according to DIN EN 9001 and work according to appropriate quality standards. One type is usually always the same supplier. This ensures that our customers continuously good quality. The rods stored as mill lengths up to 6m in Lineareasy / Smalltec and accordingly tailored to your desired length up to 6m , also manufactured on request complete as per drawing and sent.

Rails and supported rail units with shaft :

Rails produced Made in Germany also on a high quality - Rail units mounted by Lineareasy / Smalltec!

Linear ball bearings:

KH LME and come from supplying plants with proven quality from the Far East , SPM and SSEM by the manufacturer Thompson.

Brand new to the range the top linear bearing is in the small compact space ( as KH .. ) EXC -10 -PP with amazing smoothness and misalignment compensation of production BRD !

Linear housings:

own production

profil rail systems and mini rail systems:

Both miniature guides and profile rail guides come from the production of the manufacturer CPC .

Who supplies Lineareasy.com an www.smalltec.de ?

a) The store lineareasy.com sales to industry and traders only with a minimum order 250€ net
b) The store smaltec.de sales to industry, trader and privat persons without minimum order!

Smalltec delivers within Germany and within EU countries and also in Switzerland the un Norway.


How do I order from Smalltec ?

How do you want ! Either conveniently directly via online store, or by e -mail, fax and telephone.

How quickly delivers Smalltec from ?

Smalltec has a large stock in own servie center and cutted  / mounted packeds and shipped all products normally within 48 hours after placing your order.


How packed and shipped Smalltec ?

For goods up to 2,6m length and max. 70kg we use high quality special boxes that are provided on both sides with wood elements . For goods > 2,6m lengths we deliver in wooden boxes and send with forwarder "Winner" or "Dachser".

For packages we work with the parce service UPS.

You can be sure that your goods of high quality according to you securely packaged to arrive!