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From now on you can enter your desired length in mm directly for all articles that are cut to length. Then simply set the desired number of pieces and you will immediately see the unit price.

Welcome to store of Linear technology Smalltec GmbH & Co. KG

Here you can buy components in the field of linear technology directly in our online store. Of course, you can also make a normal inquiry with us and receive an offer. In general, you are free to simply send us your order by e-mail, or just buy directly in the online store.

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Customer satisfaction

Like all companies, we live from satisfied customers and of course we want them to come back!

Should something not fit with your delivery, please call us immediately or send us a message. Smalltec is known for finding a quick and unbureaucratic solution that will satisfy you.

In our online store you have 24/7 the possibility to see prices directly and of course to order. Thereby also scale prices are visible at any time. So you can work out your offers to your customers at any time, even at night.

We are permanently expanding our linear assortment of hardened precision shafts, linear ball bearings, housing units, profile rollers, flat cages, profile rail guides, carrier rail units and track roller guides with further useful products.

If you are missing something typical for linear motion in our product range, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your Smalltec Team

Important note on shipping:

Smalltec has many articles where you can choose the length. We work with several shipping service providers such as Deutsche Post, UPS, Dachser and Winner forwarders and others, and not everyone transports every length!

You will therefore always find 3 articles with the additions -S, -M, -L in the article name for articles with selectable length per type, in order to be able to control the correct dispatch type via these different articles. :

-S: means the length group up to 1100mm -> all shipping methods are possible.
-M: means the length group 1101 - 2300mm -> all shipping methods except Deutsche Post are possible
-L: means the length group 2301 - 6000mm -> only long goods forwarder Winner in wooden box is possible

Our advice

ASR-30-N-1000: Profile rail cut fixlength 1000mm or other lengths up to 4000mm
Our standard price 129,54 EUR
Your price 64,77 EUR
You save 50%
ASR-20-N-1000: Profile rail cut fixlength 1000mm or other lengths up to 4000mm
Our standard price 114,11 EUR
Your price 57,06 EUR
You save 50%
Block ASH-15-C-N-Z1
ASH-15-C-N-Z1: Block for profile rail
Our standard price 52,62 EUR
Your price 26,31 EUR
You save 50%
Block ASC-15-C-N-Z1
ASC-15-C-N-Z1: Block for profile rail
Our standard price 47,16 EUR
Your price 23,58 EUR
You save 50%
Precision shaft 12f7 in X46Cr13
Our standard price 15,68 EUR
Your price 9,41 EUR
You save 40%
Block ASH-20-C-N-Z1
ASH-20-C-N-Z1: Block for profile rail
Our standard price 57,31 EUR
Your price 28,66 EUR
You save 50%
Precision shaft 18f7 in Ck45
Our standard price 50,53 EUR
Your price 25,27 EUR
You save 50%
hexagonal steel 1.4305
Our standard price 5,49 EUR
Your price 2,75 EUR
You save 50%
1.4305 V2a
This page is only for short price information!

For details please choose of the site with all the product details. Please click the "picture"
Our standard price 1,09 EUR
Your price from 0,76 EUR
You save 30%
Precision shaft Ø 20h6 in Cf53, predrilled M6 x 11 in pitches of 150mm-M
Our standard price 61,59 EUR
Your price 30,80 EUR
You save 50%

What is linear technology

What actually is linear technology?

Linear technology refers to technologies and systems used to enable or control linear motion of components or objects. The linear motion can occur in a straight line or along a curve and can be both horizontal and vertical. Smalltec actually deals exclusively with guides in straight alignment.

Linear technology is used in many different industries, especially in automation and manufacturing technology. Examples of linear technology include linear guides, ball screws, trapezoidal lead screws, shaft supports, profile rail guides, roller guides, and linear housings.

The application of linear technology enables precise and controlled movement of machine components and instruments, resulting in increased efficiency, productivity, and quality in manufacturing. Additionally, the use of linear technology can extend the lifespan of components and reduce maintenance costs.

Typically, linear technology components are precision-engineered and require a corresponding degree of care and maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Correct installation and alignment of components, as well as regular lubrication and cleaning, are important to maximize the effectiveness and lifespan of linear technology.

In summary, linear technology is an important technology that enables and controls precise linear motion of machine components and instruments. The application of linear technology results in increased efficiency, productivity, and quality in manufacturing and is therefore widely used in many different industries.

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New product

Precision shaft WZ1 in Cf53
WZ1 inch: hardened precision shaft 25,4mm class L in Cf53, cut as a fix length
Our standard price 3,09 EUR
Your price from 3,00 EUR
You save 3%
Precision shaft WZ5/8 in Cf53
WZ5/8 inch: hardened precision shaft 15,875mm class L in Cf53, cut as a fix length
Our standard price 1,98 EUR
Your price from 1,92 EUR
You save 3%
Precision shaft WZ2L in Cf53
WZ2L inch: hardened precision shaft 50,8mm class L in Cf53, cut as a fix length
Our standard price 16,89 EUR
Your price from 16,38 EUR
You save 3%