Linear unit with rail

Find linear Set´s  based on support rails units with housing units

Full support rail units are shaft guides of Smalltec composed of Hardened and precision ground steel shafts in quality h6 with including fixed bolted aluminum support body and one or more linear housing units. Together with this selectable unit of linear ball bearing (s) which are installed in the appropriate (s) Linear housing, an inexpensive linear guide can be compiled to a precise linear movement along the shaft to run.

This system consisting of various machine elements allows precise linear movement of the associated assemblies along a predetermined path, which is also commonly referred to as a hub. The hardened shafts are at Smalltec within the support rail units in the material grades Cf53 (1.1213), with additional CF53 chrome-plating and stainless X46Cr13 (1.4034) to choose.